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TV Show Introduction (1:03 min.)

Play Show Introduction Here


You can also see our DVD sample videos on YouTube using link below.

We are now producing our new new painting TV show entitled:
"The Complete Painter" - with Jeffry Krafft. 

Be sure to check here for local and nationwide broadcasters as they become available.

"The Complete Painter" will first be an instructional show (as Jeffry's last show "Painting Secrets" was), but it will also include many behind-the-scenes activities today's artists often encounter on a daily basis!  This information is never covered on the typical painting show.  "The Complete Painter" aspires to be like no other painting show on television!

Some may describe our new show as an artist's "lifestyles" show?  Because Jeffry firmly believes an artist can never stop learning; no one artist can ever do it all, or know it all!  Therefore, Jeffry will also invite other guest artists and instructors to come on and demonstate or discuss their own unique approach and philosophy to painting - in a variety of mediums!  This helps the viewer become a more informed and "well-rounded" painter; while possibly inspiring them to try something new!

As with Jeffry's previous show "Painting Secrets", he will also discuss, investigate, and explain all the "practical" information artists should be informed of in order to be the best artists - no matter how often you may chose to paint.

Finally, Jeffry will also visit places of interest and conduct art-related interviews with those successful in the business.

So whether you're a "hobby" painter, a serious "amateur", a practicing "professional", or just an art "lover", there is sure to be something for everyone!

Please visit www.thecompletepainter.com  for future show availability, updates on production, and related links.

Note! We are currently looking for individuals or organizations that may be of interest to artists, or the general public. If you, or someone you know, may be a candidate for this, please contact us using the "contact us" page above.

Approximately 2 1/2 hours of video

Want to be a guest on the show???

 Read the details at the bottom of this page!

Below you will find the types of topics discussed during the painting instruction segments.  

  • Painting supplies
  • Problem solving techniques
  • New color wheel theories and how to "really" mix any color
  • How to paint realism from imagination
  • Pros and cons of using various color pallet theories
  • Understanding various lighting conditions
  • Changing your painting process according to your subject
  • Framing and storage of your work
  • How the clothes you wear can make painting easier
  • Pros and cons of various painting supports
  • Pros and cons of various studio lighting and setups
  • Selling or reproducing and sell your work
  • Pros and cons of using reference photography


Be a show guest!

If you are still a painting "student", or are part of an art-related business or organization, you can be a guest on the show!

Most shows include Jeffry painting, but occasionally Jeffry (or a show correspondent) will travel to locations and interview people and places of interest to artists and art patrons.  Just contact us using the information below with your potential interview idea and maybe we can use it on the show?  Locations should be limited to the midwest reagion.

Also, if you are still a painting "student", and have a particular painting you need help with, you can bring your piece to the show and Jeffry will give suggestions as to possible ideas and techniques for the piece - just like he would in one of his regular painting classes.

Just E-mail the show using the links on the "Contact Us" page, or mail information including: your experience (if any), a recent photo of your unfinished painting, any other finished paintings you have done, and what you feel you need help with now.  

Painting is a life-long learning process.  As Jeffry learns something new every day, he is glad to problem solve any situation together with you on the show.  And remember, if you have difficulty with something, probably 10,000 other viewers have the same problem.  So, don't be afraid; your coming on the show can help many other inspiring artists just like yourself!